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From sunny Miami, Florida, we created Samson with a mission. We set out to create a line of precision-made, high-end, fully-featured titanium bicycles.

It seems like there are only two options when it comes to titanium - fully-featured and astronomically expensive, or price-accessible with compromises. Samson lets you "have your cake and eat it, too". Our bicycles include all of the bells and whistles of the most high-end titanium bikes, without the price tag. We back that claim up with a lifetime warranty on all of our bicycle frames, so ride hard, knowing that your Samson will be there for you, always providing the incomparable ride of titanium.

Simply put, The Judge 29 and 650 are the best hardtails money can buy today, at any price. The Judges are the most stable, smoothest, fastest accelerating bikes you will find. Stability, comfort and speed all in one bike.

People that ride the bike for the first time are saying things like "point and shoot accuracy", "It's so stable it inspires confidence", "comes out of corners as fast as it goes in", "it is incredible, the best bike I have ever ridden", "absolutely no chatter", "it feels like it floats over everything", and on and on. Many riders that ride full suspension are telling us this is the only hardtail they have ridden that doesn't hurt their backs. Ride the Judge and find out for yourself.