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Hello everyone and welcome to Samson Bicycles. We are so blessed and excited about how fast we are growing. We designed some very impressive bikes but had no idea the demand would be so immediate. John Audette says, "Put their butts on the saddles and the bikes sell themselves" how right he is. We did just 3 demos to close friends and some local riders, and suddenly 26 bikes are being built! You should see the smiles, grins and look of amazement with mouths wide open when they come back from a demo! The most common remark among them is the confidence inspiring stability of the bike of how the front wheel stays planted, also it's smooth ride (Liquid Ride Design), and the immediate acceleration. LOVE IT!!!
We are in the process of signing a lease on our 2 story office/assembly facility in the City of Miami. We will have our new XC dual suspension (The Jury) and cyclocross bike in size 46-58 (The Executioner) in 3 weeks. Yes, we will have The Judge, Jury, and Executioner all in one place, Samson Bicycles. We are also finalizing our vendors to provide you with full builds in the next 30 days. We will be one of the sponsors for the 2015-16 Coconut Cup MTB series being held by Gone Riding and will have Demos the day before the races; all this while also getting all of our marketing materials developed. WOW, a lot going on.  I invite you to read the story of Samson, the strongman of the bible which is where we get our name. Ultra strong titanium metal, strongman of the bible, Hence our name Samson Bicycles. You can find his story and how God had a plan for his life in the book of Judges, chapters 13-16. Enjoy!
God Bless You All,
Josh Perez Sr.

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